The Caspian Horse is truely the athlete of the equines.


  • They are TYPE 4 in the four types of horses.
  •  Type 4  governs all light horses that we know today including the Arab.
  • Thought to be extinct for over 1300 years until redicovered in 1965.
  • Caspians are rare. Estimated to be 1200 world wide.
  • Size 10 -12.2 hds
  • Defined by equine professors around the world, dispite their size the Caspian are  TRUE HORSES not ponies.
  • Hot blooded without the hot blood temperament.
  • Large Almond shape.
  • Nostrils finely chiselled.
  • Ears alert with noticably in-pricked at the tips.
  • Wide vaulted forehead. Prominent cheekbones. Head tapers to a fine firm small muzzle.
  • Deep girth
  • Legs long and slim, flat kneed with long cannon bone.
  • Very strong hooves and very little frog with little or no feathering at the fetlock.
  • Thin skin, coats short, flat and silky, with a irridesent shine in summer.
  • Mane and tail very fine and silky. Tail carried high when in action.
  • Colours, all colours except pinto.
  • They have natural floating action at all gaits.
  • Natural agility and ability to jump expectional heights for one so small.

Temperament is highly intelligent and alert but kind and wanting to be with you type of horse.

                                                  Golden chariot found on archeological dig in Iran. Now kept at The British Museum.




11:3 hds

Registered with The British Rare Breeds Trust. 

It is hard to believe Mushtari is only 11:3 hds high.  She has the appearance of a very large well conformed equine.   She is purebred caspian with a beautiful nature.  She will follow me anywhere just for my company.





Tandara Mu Daria   x  Tandara Na Dereh

Purebred Caspian Mare

10.2 hds 



 The Seal Of King Darius


At the ancient Palace of Persepolis in Iran, recorded on stone is a picture of King Darius (500BC) driving a chariot with two small very refined horses confronting a lion. History shows that at a time a king's fitness to rule his kingdom was judged by his bravery and prowess at killing lions. In King Darius's Persian game park lions were killed by bow and arrow. The agility, acceleration and braveness of his horses facing lions whilst in harness was crucial to his sucess.

King Darius thought so highly of his horses he made a SEAL showing the hunt.






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