Rather than use a heap of different pages I have put up a Breeder Page.  The pictures are of  stallions or mares that I owned who were used in the breeding of my horses.  Some of these horses are now deceased and others have been sold.  


GOLDEN REINS GENESIS   37" high. Genesis is by Tandara Mu Daria by Golden Reins    Sally. He is 50% Caspian and is sire of  Dappledice, Amelia, Omigod, Arabia, Caspianna, She 'R Mu, Moses, Jazzagenie and Queensarada.

WYEERA PARK CB ABACUS.   50% American... 35" high.... has bloodlines in his sire's side of Cowboy Del and Dells Cowboy with FWF's Little Boy Boy in his dam side.  Abacus is the sire of Katch-A-Mee and Fyrebird.

GOLDEN REINS GALLILEO. Purebred Caspian by Tandara Mu Daria x Tandara Mushtari.  Bay... 40" high. Gallileo is the sire of Jazzaleo.

ARROWDELL'S CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE.  37" high Pinto.  Won state shows at Grafton  and Tamworth in 1999 and 2000.  Sire Travis of Arrowdell... Dam Pinjara's Mary Poppins.  Sire of Amada Mia and Dancy's Daughter.


 BIMMALINE CAN-CAN   35" high pinto. Sire Tambor Glen Lassiter's Lad...  Dam Bimmaline Regal Lady.  Can-Can is the dam of Shimmaree.

LEGACY OF GOLDEN REINS.  Black mare of unknown parentage. Dam of Upstart.

GOLDEN REINS MISTY MORNING.  Appy mare of unknown parentage. Dam of Fyrebird.

 KORIANA PARK 2 COOL 2 SHAME.  33 " Bay Leopard. Sire Firefox Shaman's Talisman...who is by Harris Polka Dot (USA) ... Dam Northwinds Serenade. She is the dam of Dappledice.

WARATAH FANCY MISS.  Bay mare who is by Tapika Royal Doulton  and Waratah Fancy Bubbles.  She is dam of Evolution Eve, Fancy A Star.

BIMMALINE WHISPER.  Palomino mare 36" who is by Bimmaline Dickie and Bimmaline Rapunzel who had welsh breeding.  Whisper is the dam of Groupies Goodwill, Queenvada and Amada Mia.

GOLDEN REINS DANCY. Rich red bay mare who possibley has Timour Pony in her. She is the dam of Dancy's Daughter and Amelia.

GOLDEN REINS SALLY. Black mare 35" high. Sally is the dam of Genesis and the granddam of Amelia, Arabia, Moses, Omigod, Dappledice, Caspianna, Queensarada and Jazzagenie.

 JAZZARELLA OF GOLDEN REINS. Chestnut mare with flaxen mane & tail. 37" high, dam of Jazzaleo and Jazzagenie.











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